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Top 10 Hidden Tricks of iPhone 2022 ( You Must Know)

hidden tricks of iphone
Written by kareem ansari

Hidden tricks of iPhone you must try to make your life easy and fast.  supporting you sleep at night, taking higher pictures and shipping more private texts to save you hours searching out that one image you took an ultimate year – there’re plenty of hidden capabilities to discover at the iPhone.

On the other hand, you simply should let us discover them for you.

Top 10 Hidden tricks of iPhone

hidden tricks of iphone

#1. The secret magnifying glass

Tap your own home button three instances to turn your smartphone into on hand magnifying glass – with a slider to govern the zoom and a non-obligatory flashlight for buying towards matters within the dark.

Perfect for reading the important points, searching at bugs and digging out pesky splinters. This is top one Hidden Tricks of iPhone hope you enjoyed

#2. Voicemail transcription

Thanks to iOS 10, your iPhone 7 will now routinely transcribe your voicemails so that you do not should bother paying attention to them (especially worrying if it’s just the sound of a person putting up).

The feature still has a few kinks to iron out so you might note the extraordinary lacking phrase, however, it’s already pretty plausible.

#3. Change the brightness of the flashlight

Already indispensable for looking underneath cinema seats for dropped vehicle keys, the iPhone 7 flashlight is now absolutely controllable with three-D Touch. Hard-press the flashlight icon to carry up the alternatives – vivid, medium or low light, depending on how remarkable you want it to be.

#4. Edit stay photos

Live Photos (introduced in iOS 9) helps you to seize a few frames of video around your still photos, providing you with splendid “moving images” that appear like something out of Harry Potter.

New to iOS 10 is the potential to edit your stay photographs similar to another photo – crop, resize, make brightness changes and edit the timing of the live movement. This is the 4th Hidden Tricks of the iPhone which I liked more hope you loved it, don’t miss the 8th trick.

#5. Close all tabs in Safari

Now that Apple lets you have an unlimited range of Safari tabs open at an identical time, it is pretty smooth to find your iPhone clogged with masses of various windows. With the iPhone 7, long gone are the days of spending a whole nighttime swiping all of them closed one-via-one – just preserve the tab button inside the backside right-hand nook and pick out “close all tabs”.

#6. Ask Siri to take a selfie

hidden tricks of iphone

Shout “take a selfie” at your iPhone 7 and things will appear: Siri will automatically switch on the front-going through the digital camera, and anyone around you will understand you’re approximate to pull a pouty face.

Thankfully, Siri can now additionally operate the rear digital camera too (“take a photo” or “take a video”), that’s, in particular, accessible when you’re fumbling for the right button with gloves on.

#7. Doodle for your snapshots

Open any picture within the Photos app, tap the Edit button and then the icon that looks like three dots in a circle – providing you with the option to feature a “markup”. It’s useful for such things as circling critical information and adding handwritten notes topics, and also for stupid such things as drawing googly eyes to your cat. Your preference.

#8. Handwritten texts

You would possibly have discovered this one with the aid of a twist of fate already. Simply turn your smartphone on its side while you’re typing an iMessage and it will become a virtual notepad to be able to finger-write your text as opposed to typing it. What you likely overlooked even though is the extra actual property you get to do it – just swipe to the left to find three more screenfuls of writing/doodling space.

#9. Make your cellphone flash for notifications

If you don’t like hearing the ding or feeling the excitement, you can set your iPhone 7 to blink its flashlight at you when you get a notification as a substitute. To prompt the characteristic, go to the iPhone’s settings menu, head to General and Accessibility to find the “LED Flash for Alerts” alternative.

#10. Find the camera from the lock screen

If you are lacking the available little digital camera shortcut that used to take a seat inside the lock display, don’t – it is long past, but it’s been replaced with something even less complicated. Just swipe left to open the digital camera, supporting you to shoot within the blink of a watch (or with the swipe of a finger.

Here are the top 10 hidden tricks of iPhone which makes your like easy and fast, hope you going to try all tricks and tips of the iPhone and which tricked worked for you let me know in the comment section below.

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