How To Book Indian Gas Online

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How To Book Indian Gas Online LPG gas cylinder is the primary method for cooking food in India. The LPG cylinders are easily available through a distributor.

The Government of India also subsidizes these LPG cylinders at a fixed rate. Earlier, it was a very long process which was very frustrating, you had to visit the LPG ency yourself and there you have to wait for them to dispatch the cylinder which depended on availability and sometimes cylinders get lost before reaching the recipient but now there are lots of methods to book a gas cylinder which are more friendly to people on daily basis All thanks to the modern technology which made this successful.

How To Book Indian Gas Online

1. Through Website:- You can book the gas cylinder through the online website of the gas agency. It is a safe and convenient method and with no additional charges. Refilling can also be booked from the website. You can also track the delivery.

How To Book Indian Gas Online

2. Through IVRS:- You can book the gas cylinder by calling 7718955555 from the registered mobile number. They will provide you with the order number and estimated delivery date and you can pay them at the time of delivery.

3 . Through SMS:- you can also book the cylinder by SMS through the registered mobile number to a specific number. You just have to message your consumer number which they gave you at the time of booking and the distributor’s number.

4. Through WhatsApp:- You can book the LPG gas cylinder by messaging them on their WhatsApp number. You just have to type “REFILL” and send it in the chat. They will book a cylinder for you and if you want to check the status, you have to send a message STATUS# and the order number which they gave you.

5. Through Mobile App:- Customers can also book a gas cylinder from their app which you can find on Play Store and iTunes. You have to register your number on the app first by providing them your mobile number, email address and enter the OTP afterward which they will send you for authentication. The app also has your information of previous bookings, customer ID, and other things. After that, you can use the app for booking a cylinder and can pay through net banking or credit/debit card.

You can also visit the agency for booking or refill the cylinder in person. You can give them your consumer number and pay them or you can also pay them at the time of delivery.

The Government and Major Gas Booking Providers

These are some easy, convenient, and most used methods through which people buy LPG cylinders nowadays. The Major Gas Booking providers in India are INDANE Gas, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas. They are most quick and reliable according to the citizens of India.

However, the contact number may vary but you can check it online and contact them. The government of India is making sure that every household in India should have LPG in their houses and so they are also making schemes to ensure this.

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