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How to get more traffic in your website

Written by kareem ansari

How to get more traffic in your website

How to get more traffic on your website If you are a blogger, if you are not able to get more traffic on your website, firstly you need to follow these steps you will be able to get more Organic Traffic on your website.

How to get more traffic in your website

How to get more traffic on your website

Unique Article

Write High-Quality Content.


First, you have to learn about SEO  Search Engine Optimization, what is SEO how SEO Functionalities works what is On-page SEO What is OFF-page SEO Because SEO is most important for Getting Organic Traffic.


A backlink is a link that is created by one website to connect to another website. That means External Link when you add external link SEO Score will be increased.

Google Search Console

Submit URL on google search console. Google search console is a google server that is google provided at no cost whenever you submit a URL on the console your website gets more traffic.


Find Keywords, Keywords are most important for getting traffic on websites because users are search keywords on search engines about the content of your website.

Meta Description

Meta Description is very important for SEO meta Description when a user search keywords on a search engine shows the meta description in the search result below your title tag try to add your keyword on the meta description.

Long-Tail Keyword

Try to write Long Tail keyword Because when you write a short tail keyword your SEO will be impacted.

Guest Post

Invite another blogger to write a guest blog on your website. Make sure that content was unique and High-Quality content.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Share your article Link on Social Media Like, WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, Others.

Internal Link

Internal Link when you add an internal link to your content SEO Score will be increased.






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