WhatsApp new safety features 2021

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WhatsApp new safety features 2021

Meta owned by (Facebook) launches two safety features in its recent update as ‘Message level reporting’ and ‘flash calls’ for its users. In this update, users got a better command over the application by controlling and usage of messaging apps.

After this update users can change their device by opting for the automated call as a verification method instead of a verification message. It gives a big relief to the users who often change their devices.

WhatsApp new safety features 2021

WhatsApp new safety features 2021

As per the WhatsApp forum, the recent update is a much safer option.

WhatsApp new safety features 2021

Enhancing user safety and user experience has been a key point in every technology nowadays. ‘Flash Calls’ and ‘Message Level Reporting’ are the latest two safety features introduced for Indian users by Meta owned instant messaging platform Whatsapp.

As it constantly reinvents and updates itself to provide the best user experience, recently-launched features are bound to cater to a wider audience. Apart from end-to-end encryption and other features, these two features will allow a user to have better security control over their usage on WhatsApp.

  • ‘Flash Calls’  permit users to verify their mobile numbers via an automated call rather than SMS. This way your messages can be accessed by any hackers if your mobile is stolen.
  •  “Message Level Reporting” allows users to flag a specific message to either report or block the sender which simplifies the reporting process.

Besides, View once is the other feature that ideally gets more control over the privacy of the media sent. 

If you want to take a picture/video with the ‘view once’ option then you can attach the video by tapping the “1” button that’s the left side second button and then you can send it.

This option lets the users send photos and videos that can only be viewed once, once opened and viewed by the recipient, the photo/ video will automatically self-destruct. With this feature chances of personal data getting hacked by the hackers will be minimised at the same time storage memory also minimised

WhatsApp released an update where users can increase their privacy level by hiding the status, last seen, profile picture and most importantly user can block someone who is troubling/annoying them. On the other hand, WhatsApp fixes the bugs in Two-Step verification and improves the performance of the app in the security domain.

WhatsApp rolled out an update for Android users called in the beta channel which shows the company is developing instant message reactions like the Facebook app.

Since months back WhatsApp has been working on the message reaction feature where users can react to their messages and comments like what users of the Facebook app do.

WhatsApp had started developing the beta version of its iOS app to provide the message reactions instantly because of no plans initially. Now for Android users, WhatsApp is working on the same feature.

With this feature inclusion, WhatsApp users can save their time by giving reactions to a few messages instantly. WhatsApp is continuously striving to gain the brand name, particularly in the security and safety domain.


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